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Bachelor of Commerce(B.Com.)


Admission to B.Com I shall be made strictly on the basis of merit and guidelines issued by Panjab University.
There are 70 seats available in the class

  1. Admission to B.Com I (General) degree course shall be open to students who has passed +2 commerce groups with at least 40% marks in the aggregate.


1st Semester

  1. BCM-101 Punjabi / History and Culture of Punjab
  2. BCM-102 English and Business Communication
  3. BCM-103 Interdisciplinary: Psychology for Managers
  4. BCM-104 Micro Economics-I
  5. BCM-105 Principles of Financial Accounting**
  6. BCM-106 Commercial Laws
  7. BCM-107 Principles and Practices of Management

2nd Semester

  1. BCM-201 Punjabi / History and Culture of Punjab3
  2. BCM-202 English and Business Communication
  3. BCM-203 Interdisciplinary: E-Commerce
  4. BCM-204 Business Economics-II
  5. BCM-205 Corporate Accounting**
  6. BCM-206 Business Laws
  7. BCM-207 Human Resource Management Environment and Road Safety Education*

3rd Semester

  1. BCM-301 Interdisciplinary: Issues in Indian Commerce
  2. BCM-302 Cost Accounting**
  3. BCM-303 Company Law
  4. BCM-304 Business Mathematics and Statistics**
  5. BCM-305 Banking and Insurance
  6. BCM-306 Indirect Tax Laws**

4th Semester

  1. BCM-401 Interdisciplinary: Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  2. BCM-402 Advanced Accounting**
  3. BCM-403 Auditing and Secretarial Practice
  4. BCM-404 Cost Management**
  5. BCM-405 Marketing Management
  6. BCM-406 Quantitative Techniques and Management**

3rd Year

  1. Functional Management
  2. Management Accounting And Business Finance
  3. Direct Tax Laws
  4. Indian Economy
  5. Entrepreneurship and Small Business
  6. Any one of the following Papers:i) Computer Application in Business
    ii) Operations Research
    iii) Organizational Behavious
    iv) Investment Management
  7. Viva-Voce

This is a compulsory qualifying paper, which the students have to study in the B.A. / B.Sc. / B.Com Ist Year.
The students are required to qualify this paper either in the 2nd Semester, 4th Semester & 6th Semester of the Course. The examination will be conducted by the University.
** There will be tutorials only in these papers.