(Affiliated to Panjab University Chandigarh)
NAAC Accredited B+ Grade
Kala Tibba Sitto Road, Abohar

Bachelor of Science (Non-Medical)


A student who has passed senior secondary (10+2) examination from recognized board.

For Compartment candidates of +2 Examination. A student who has been placed in compartment in one subject only at +2 examination conducted by a recognized Board and has obtained at least 20% marks in the subjects in which she has been placed in the compartment will be allowed to take admission to 1st year of
B.Sc. subject to the following conditions:

In case student is seeking admission to the B.Sc. 1st year class, she should have obtained at least 40% marks in the aggregate of all the subjects including the marks obtained by her in subjects of compartment (Theory and practical) taken by her at the +2 examination.

Notification for Compartment candidates of +2
Student shall be allowed admission in the B.Sc. 1st year, if she has obtained at least 20% marks in the subject in which she has been placed under compartment also she should clear the compartment in two consecutive subsequent chances, failing that she will have to leave the course.


1st & 2nd Semester

  1. Punjabi Compulsory/History & Culture of Punjab
  2. Mathematics (Paper-I: Geometry: Plane and Solid)
  3. Mathematics (Paper-II: Caculus)
  4. Mathematics (Paper-III: Algebra and Trigonometry)
  5. Physics (Paper-A: Mechanics)
  6. Physics (Paper-B: Vibrations, Waves and EM Theory)
  7. Physics (Paper-C: Electricity and Magnetism)
  8. Chemistry (Paper-I: Inorganic Chemistry)
  9. Chemistry (Paper II: Organic Chemistry)
  10. Chemistry (Paper III: Physical Chemistry)
  11. Chemistry (Laboratory Practical)
  12. Physics (Laboratory Practical)
  13. Environment and Road Safety Education*

3rd & 4th Semester

  1. English Compulsory
  2. Mathematics (Paper-I: Advanced Calculus)
  3. Mathematics (Paper II: Differential Equations)
  4. Mathematics (Paper III: Mechanics)
  5. Physics (Paper-A: Statistical Physics & Thermodynamics)
  6. Physics (Paper-B: Optics and Lasers)
  7. Physics (Paper-C: Quantum Physics)
  8. Chemistry (Paper-I: Inorganic Chemistry)
  9. Chemistry (Paper-II: Organic Chemistry)
  10. Chemistry (Paper-III: Physical Chemistry)
  11. Chemistry (Laboratory Practical)
  12. Physics (Laboratory Practical)

3rd Year

  1. Mathematics (Paper-I: Analysis)
  2. Mathematics (Paper-II: Abstract Algebra)
  3. Mathematics (Paper-III: option (iii) Numerical Techniques)
  4. Physics (Paper-A: Condensed Matter Physics)
  5. Physics (Paper-B: Electronics and Solid State Devices)
  6. Physics (Paper-C: Nuclear & Particle Physics)
  7. Chemistry (Paper-I: Inogranic Chemistry)
  8. Chemistry (Paper-II: Organic Chemistry)
  9. Chemistry (Paper-III: Physical Chemistry)
  10. Mathematics (Numerical Techniques Practical)
  11. Chemistry (Laboratory Practicals)
  12. Physics (Laboratory Practicals)



Latest News

1. BCom 6th Semester Result
Excellent Result Once Again
1st Jashandeep Kaur -76.81%
II nd Amrit Pal Kaur - 75.35%
III rd Manisha - 73.59%

2. . B. Lis. 1st Semester Result
Our Glorious Achievers
Amandeep Kaur scored 1st Position in BLis 1st Semester in Panjab University
Thanku my brillant student for making us proud.

3. BCA 6th Semester Result
Excellent Result Once Again
1st Shipra Jalhotra- 76.16%
IInd Maneep Kaur-74.8%
IIIrd Simran Kaur -67.5%

4. B.Sc. 6th Semester Result
1st Neetu Bala -85.75%
IInd Priya Rani-73.75%
III rd Nisha Verma-73.5%

5. BA 6th Semester Result
1st Shilpa Rani-79.2%
IInd Rajvant Kaur-78.5%
IIIrd Gurpreet Kaur-78.2%

Youth welfare society organised youth festival in 2017
  • Giddha- First
  • Folk instruments-First
  • Kavishri-First
  • Pakhi making-First
  • Peeri making-First
  • Panjabi pehrawa(old traditional Panjabi dress)-First
  • Vaar singing-First
  • Folk song-Second
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